MINERVA Capital Fund Management launched METIS Private Equity Fund in February 2016, and THEMIS Private Equity Fund in May 2017 by its domestic investors. MINERVA plans to buy shares in target companies which are settled in the EU, have innovative products or services, and are capable of expanding their markets with the assistance of the Fund.

Private Equity Funds are closed-ended private placement funds.




MINERVA focuses on the high performing sectors in Hungary and the EU, furthermore aims at areas where there is relevant market demand but no business solutions applied yet and also where there is space for innovation. Private Equity Fund’s goal is to invest in manufacturing and service industry enterprises that have already gained markets. MINERVA sees business opportunities in the field of renewing financial and payment services (FinTech). MINERVA prefers the export oriented activities.
By reason of the diversity of the target sector, MINERVA provides its extensive professional knowledge and experience of its own experts and also of its strategic partners and significant industry consultants.